Crom! Conan Hacks His Way Into Games

THQ Inc., alongside the developer it has contracted, Paradox Entertainment Inc., has inked a deal with Conan Properties International, LLC for a multi-year license to develop games for both current and next generation consoles, PCs, and handheld platforms based on everyone?s favorite decapitating barbarian, Conan.

?Combining the epic adventures and stunning environments found throughout the Conan Universe with next-gen video game technology will add a whole new chapter to Conan’s rich history,? proclaimed Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing at THQ. ?The agreement delivers a strong addition to our world class video game portfolio and will provide Conan’s huge fan base and gamers worldwide with hours of thrilling entertainment.?

The character of Conan, originally created by novelist Robert E. Howard, has been a hit with the fantasy crowd for over 70 years (!), has permeated almost every pop culture medium imaginable, from the novels where he originated (with over 12 million books sold worldwide), to comic books, film, and even an animated television series. Although THQ and Paradox released no specific details on what kinds of games they plan to make using their newly acquired license, we can expect to see plenty of heads rolling off of Conan?s sword, and many cries of ?Crom!? rolling off of his lips.

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