Co-Op Madness

Do you love playing co-op action games, but you don’t have a high-speed internet connection or friends? EA has the answer for you!

Army of Two, a forthcoming third-person action game, will utilize advance AI technology to partner players up with an intelligent computer teammate (who is actually intelligent!) to tackle a world of political intrigue and a globe-spanning conspiracy. The two main characters, Salem and Rios, are mercenaries in the near future. Players will use both characters, manually controlling one while giving voice commands to the other. If you do indeed have friends, you also will have the option to play through the game via the two player Co-op mode.

Though terribly outnumbered, the mercenaries put advanced weaponry and armor to good use. For example, their anti-ballistic armor has the ability to deflect all bullets fired at them. The game also features an advanced weapon customization component allowing players to upgrade and trick out your guns in anyway they see fit.

Every component of the game – from typical fire-fights to parachuting to death – will center on the cooperative element. Not only will the computer act as a live human partner as far as carrying out the commands you give, it will refuse to carry out orders if you’re a weak or lousy teammate. For example, if you request cover from your partner while you attempt to snipe a distant opponent, your partner may refuse if you missed the last snipe attempt. This adaptive AI should provide some interesting and potentially humorous (your partner can flip you off while refusing one of your commands) situations.

Additional details are slim on this title. It is slated for a 2007 release, so check back here for more information as it becomes available.

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