Better than Work, Right?

Unemployment is steadily on the rise here in America, but Hudson has jobs for you, a whole lot of them, in their upcoming Wii title, Help Wanted.  With a lighthearted, anime-laced take on the job fairs, unemployment lines and reluctant settling to minimum wage jobs that would typically be below you and your Master’s in Philosophy, Help wanted looks to break out of the glut of mini-game compilations on the console with adorable presentation and a load of content.  MyGamer got its grubby little hands on a preview copy of the game, and can attest to its merits.

We tried out nine of Help Wanted’s fifty mini-games and they put a good deal of care into each individual game.  The nine games are based around various occupations, some more conventional than others, including Grill Cook, Body Builder, Farmer, Dairy Farmer, Haunted House Staff, Fisherman, Clown, Stunt Driver and Tailor.  Each game handles completely differently, using the Wii Remote and/or the Nunchuk.  For example, the Haunted House Staff game has your character running around, popping into adjacent rooms using the Nunchuk to move.  The Stunt Driver game has you hold the Remote horizontally to steer, a la Mario Kart Wii.  The Clown mini-game has you juggle, using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control either arm of your character, and keep the balls off the ground as long as possible.  At least among the nine games present, each one handled differently and, most importantly, did not feel like a clone.  There were several issues, though.  The controls need some serious tightening and a few tweaks.  As a Grill Cook, for example, reaching out to flip shish kebobs is done using the Wii Remote’s directional pad, rather than just being guided by hand, and Stunt Driving controls are insanely loose, as you can go flying from one wall to another with just a slight tilt.  The potential for a fun game is there, though.

The game’s strength lies in the sheer cuteness of each individual game.  Seeing cutesy little anime characters striking poses, fleeing from angered cows and driving cars that fall to pieces helps separate the game from the mini-game compilation pack.  Each mini-game has genuinely heart-warming moments that will certainly help the game’s staying power after release.  Something I’m hoping to see, though, is the ability to use my Mii.

Stick with MyGamer for more info about Help Wanted, and look out for the game’s release later this year.

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