Bandai brings Classics to Mobile Phones

Classic game lovers often have to hunt down their favorite arcade cabinets, or blow off their old NES' to have retro gaming goodness. However, Bandai has made it so that all you need is a phone.
Bandai America ([i]Tamagotchi[/i]) announced today that [i]Double Dragon[/i], [i]Moon Patrol[/i], [i]Bases Loaded[/i], and [i]Dark Castle[/i] will all be available on mobile platforms. While these games have much of the same gameplay that made them classics, Bandai has said that they will also feature enhancements that the mobile platform offers.
"The mobile game team within Bandai has committed itself to bringing back classics such as Bases Loaded, Double Dragon, Dark Castle and Moon Patrol giving gamers who loved those games the chance to play them again; this time on an updated platform with all of the features they loved and some new ones to discover," said Masao Ohata, vice president of Bandai, America Inc., Network Entertainment.

For more information on these exciting titles, go to [a][aa]the official site[/a].

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