Xbox games on sale for the week of July 28, 2020

The following Xbox games are discounted through August 3, 2020:

Xbox One:

Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotes
1000 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
11000 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
2000 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
23000 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
500 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
5300 Neverwinter ZenAdd-On20%Spotlight Sale
911 OperatorXbox One Game40%Simulator Sale
Adam’s Venture: OriginsXbox One Game90%Spotlight Sale
ADIOS AmigosXbox One X Enhanced75%Simulator Sale
Agatha KnifeXbox One Game50%DWG*
Airport Simulator 2019Xbox One Game50%Simulator Sale
Beholder 2Xbox One Game33%Simulator Sale
Big PharmaXbox One Game50%Simulator Sale
Bridge Constructor PortalXbox Game Pass50%Simulator Sale
Bus SimulatorXbox One Game30%Simulator Sale
Cannon BrawlXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
Car Mechanic SimulatorXbox One Game40%Simulator Sale
Chess UltraXbox One X Enhanced60%Simulator Sale
Cities: Skylines – Xbox One EditionXbox Game Pass75%Simulator Sale
Civilization VI Expansion BundleAdd-On35%DWG*
Construction Simulator 2 US – Console EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Simulator Sale
Convoy: A Tactical RoguelikeXbox One Game25%Spotlight Sale
Demetrios – The BIG Cynical AdventureXbox One Game85%Spotlight Sale
DisintegrationXbox One X Enhanced40%DWG*
Driving EssentialsXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
Eternum Ex’Xbox One Game60%DWG*
FAR: Lone SailsXbox One Game40%Simulator Sale
Farm TogetherXbox One X Enhanced30%Simulator Sale
Farming Simulator 19Xbox One X Enhanced50%DWG*
Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum EditionXbox One Game40%DWG*
Farming Simulator 19 – Premium EditionXbox One X Enhanced33%DWG*
Fighter WithinXbox One Game75%DWG*
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Deluxe EditionXbox One Game60%Simulator Sale
Fishing: Barents Sea Complete EditionXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
For Honor – Complete EditionXbox One X Enhanced75%DWG*
For Honor – Marching Fire EditionXbox One X Enhanced75%DWG*
For Honor – Marching Fire ExpansionAdd-On67%DWG*
For Honor – Standard EditionXbox One X Enhanced80%DWG*
For Honor – Year 1 Heroes BundleAdd-On67%DWG*
For Honor – Year 3 PassAdd-On67%DWG*
Ginger: Beyond the crystalXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
Gnomes Garden: New HomeXbox One Game50%Simulator Sale
GorogoaXbox One X Enhanced50%DWG*
Grab the BottleXbox One X Enhanced70%Simulator Sale
Grass Cutter – Mutated LawnsXbox One X Enhanced50%Simulator Sale
Graveyard KeeperXbox One Game60%Simulator Sale
Grow UpXbox One Game60%DWG*
House FlipperXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
Hungry Shark WorldXbox One Game50%DWG*
Hyper SentinelXbox One X Enhanced80%DWG*
Hyperdrive MassacreXbox One Game70%Spotlight Sale
INDIE BUNDLE: Shiness and Seasons after FallXbox One Game75%DWG*
JalopyXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
Kingdom Treasury CollectionXbox One X Enhanced40%Simulator Sale
Madden NFL 20Xbox One X Enhanced80%Spotlight Sale
Madden NFL 20: Superstar EditionXbox One X Enhanced80%Spotlight Sale
Madden NFL 20: Ultimate Superstar EditionXbox One X Enhanced80%Spotlight Sale
MegaquariumXbox One Game40%Simulator Sale
Megaton RainfallXbox Play Anywhere65%Simulator Sale
MotoGP 17Xbox One Game75%Spotlight Sale
Mount & Blade: WarbandXbox Game Pass75%DWG*
MXGP3Xbox One Game80%Spotlight Sale
NBA 2K20 Digital DeluxeXbox One X Enhanced70%DWG*
NBA 2K20 Legend EditionXbox One X Enhanced75%DWG*
Nightmare BoyXbox One Game60%Spotlight Sale
Oh…Sir! Slightly Insulting BundleXbox One Game50%Simulator Sale
Outer WildsXbox Game Pass40%Simulator Sale
PC Building SimulatorXbox Play Anywhere40%Simulator Sale
Punch ClubXbox One Game w/ Free Trial50%Simulator Sale
Pure PoolXbox One Game60%Simulator Sale
Rabbids Invasion : The Interactive TV ShowXbox One Game w/ Free Trial75%DWG*
Rabbids Invasion – Gold EditionXbox One Game70%DWG*
Rayman LegendsXbox One Game75%DWG*
Redout – Back to Earth PackAdd-On50%Spotlight Sale
Redout – Mars PackAdd-On50%Spotlight Sale
Redout – Space Exploration PackAdd-On50%Spotlight Sale
Redout: Lightspeed EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight Sale
ScreencheatXbox One Game70%Spotlight Sale
Shape UpXbox One Game w/ Free Trial50%DWG*
Shape Up Gold EditionXbox One Game65%DWG*
SIMULACRAXbox One Game30%Simulator Sale
Sky RogueXbox Play Anywhere25%DWG*
Slime RancherXbox One X Enhanced60%Simulator Sale
Snooker 19Xbox One X Enhanced60%Simulator Sale
Solo: Islands of the HeartXbox One Game50%DWG*
Starpoint Gemini 2Xbox One Game w/ Free Trial70%Simulator Sale
State of MindXbox One Game80%Simulator Sale
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner EditionXbox One Game33%DWG*
SuperMashXbox One Game50%Simulator Sale
Surf World SeriesXbox One Game30%Simulator Sale
Surviving MarsXbox Game Pass67%Simulator Sale
The Count LucanorXbox One Game75%DWG*
The Journey Down TrilogyXbox One Game50%Spotlight Sale
The Walking Dead: Season TwoXbox Game Pass75%DWG*
Thief SimulatorXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
Tracks – The Train Set GameXbox Game Pass25%Simulator Sale
Train Sim World 2020 Collector’s EditionXbox One Game40%Simulator Sale
TransferenceXbox One Game75%DWG*
Trials FusionXbox One Game w/ Free Trial75%DWG*
Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max EditionXbox One Game75%DWG*
Trials of the Blood DragonXbox One Game67%DWG*
Ultimate Fishing SimulatorXbox One Game25%Simulator Sale
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarXbox One Game70%DWG*
Vosaria: Lair of the ForgottenXbox One Game80%DWG*
Warhammer Bundle: Mordheim and Blood Bowl 2Xbox One Game75%DWG*
Where the Bees Make HoneyXbox One X Enhanced90%Spotlight Sale
Worms Battlegrounds + Worms W.M.DXbox One Game75%DWG*
Yakuza KiwamiXbox Game Pass25%DWG*

Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 games on sale will be listed soon.

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