What’s New About Battlefield 4?

I think we all can agree that Battlefield 3 was probably one of the best multiplayer shooters of 2011-2012. From its versatile gameplay, realistic physics and weaponry, and predominantly team-based game modes, Battlefield 3 ushered in a new era of multiplayer shooters.  Approximately 2 years after Battlefield 3’s release, Battlefield 4 will succeed its predecessor. But what’s new about this game? Why is it going to be worth purchasing in the fall? Given the gameplay at E3 (you can find the full E3 livestream of Battlefield 4 gameplay here) the inherent changes in the game’s mechanics show us that this game will not be as monotonous as other first person shooter series (hint hint).

Ammo conservation

One of the first changes the gamers at E3 noticed is that, unlike previous games, Battlefield 4 is fond of thrifty ammo conservation. In Battlefield 3, you were able to reload with – let’s say – 15 rounds in the magazine and the other 15 (plus the one in the chamber) were transferred to your overall ammo reserves. The developers at EA decided to step up the degree of realism in the Battlefield franchise by emulating how an actual weapon operates on an actual battlefield. When you throw out a magazine that still has a few rounds in it in real life, those rounds are gone forever; the same thing principle now applies to Battlefield. What this means is that people are going to be running out of ammo more frequently than they have in the past, which is in turn going to increase the pertinence of the Support Class on the Battlefield.

Spectator Mode

Finally! Something we hardcore Battlefield players have been waiting for: a built-in spectator mode! Not only will this make it easier for us to laugh at our friends get wrecked, but it will also mitigate the amount of cheaters playing Battlefield. Many admins on Battlefield servers refuse to ban or kick any player unless they see the player behaving inappropriately or hacking/glitching with their own eyes. Now spectator mode will make it easier for administrators to actually do their job efficiently and cleanse servers of misconduct. One thing we don’t know yet is how the Battlefield developers intend to prevent cheating with the use of spectator mode (i.e. getting on Skype to talk with your squad and telling them exactly where enemies are located)

Battlefield 4

Commander Class

The Commander Class from Battlefield 2 makes its return in Battlefield 3 (for some reason it was removed the Battlefield 3 installment). Basically this class allows commanders to do what their name entails: command the battlefield. The commander doesn’t take up a server slot – he is capable of organizing squads (and navigating them), dropping supplies where needed, and also being capable of dropping vehicles among other things.


Medic Class

I’m pretty sure all Battlefield 3 veterans have experienced those tight chokepoints on Operation Metro where grenades are always flying in from seemingly every direction and all the players on your team would huddle around a single Medkit in order to cling onto life. Battlefield 4 has some changes that may or may not be met with unconditional acceptance depending on the player. There are now different Medkits for Assault class players to utilize. Some kits do what the old Medkits did: healed a player rapidly while he or she stood in its vicinity. Now, there are new Medkits that can be attached to a single player (and gradually restore his health).

Battlefield 4

These are just a few of the notable changes Battlefield 4 offers. Weapons old and new are available for use (albeit the recoil on a lot of the weapons in the pre-Alpha was ridiculous), the destructible environment remains unchanged, knifing animations are now more complex (you’re finally able to counter a backstab), and the graphics are rumored to supercede Battlefield 3’s already amazing graphics in the game’s final version. The only action we can take now is to wait for further updates from EA, and to get ourselves ready for the carnage that is to come to the next-gen consoles this fall.

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