ThermalTake BlacX Review

BlacXHaving the ability to plug a SATA drive directly into any computer with a USB input (see also: any computer) can be a powerful tool for anything from a LAN party to tech support. So when the ThermalTake BlacX, costing a mere $59.99, was created nerds and geeks everywhere rejoiced. The hot-swap ability of the BlacX makes it easy enough to pop your SATA drive out of your system to let your friends grab whatever games, music, or videos that you of course legally purchased at a speed of 480mbps.

If you've got some hard drive issues that you need to attend to or your systems down for other reasons, having the BlacX handy will let you access your SATA drive from your laptop without having

to buy a full enclosure that wouldn't be too much fun to put together then pop apart. Considering the price of the BlacX and the lowering of prices for both 2.5” and 3.5” SATA drives, this can

easily become the solution you've been looking for to add 1TB of storage to your old laptop.

BlacX provided to us by Thermaltake.

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