The Longing is a Switch game about loneliness and keeps playing even when you stop playing

Application Systems is pleased to announce that last year’s surprise indie hit The Longing is coming to Nintendo Switch — today!

This unusual adventure / sim / idle game hybrid, a passion project by German indie developer Anselm Pyta of Studio Seufz, releases today as part of Nintendo’s Indie World event.

About The Longing — A Meditation on Self-Isolation and Loneliness
Deep underground, a tired King must sleep to restore his strength. He asks his servant, a faithful Shade, to wake him when 400 days have passed. Then he closes his eyes, leaving the Shade utterly alone in a vast, dark cave.

You are that Shade, and your 400-day vigil starts today on Nintendo Switch.

The Longing counts down in real time from the moment you start — even when you stop playing and exit the game. Your only required task is to awaken the King once the 400 days have passed. So, you could just wait to see how it ends…

Or, you can explore the vast cave and eventually decide: will you stick with the King and build a comfortable life for yourself underground? Or will you make a break for it and escape to the world above against the King’s orders? The Longing has several endings, some that come sooner than others.

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