Sneak Peak at Oxygen’s New Golf Title

Well folks if you find yourself in December, dreaming of green fairways and the perfect stroke, this game is for you.  Less game, more simulator, Pro Stroke Golf is designed by golf nuts for golf nuts.  It helps you simulate actual golf and in many cases, can improve your real life game.  I can attest to this as was recently invited to a pre release unveiling of the game, and i personally picked up a few hints from that recently that helped me improve my game by a few strokes!

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The game has tons of detail and factors in so many things.  You will find out on the course that there is a bit of a surprise when you don't see the drinks golf cart come driving by.  Aside from that small oversight, it is a great game.  Create your toon, go through the ranks and earn as much cash as you can.  It is worth noting that this game is not Tiger's game, it is more detailed and less "arcadish".  It appeals to the golfing hard core fans and those looking for more pulp and less flash.

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Oxygen contracted a number of actual golfers for their endorsement and input to create as accurate a game as possible.  It has paid off as the realism of the game truly does pop out at you when playing.  For myself that is excellent as when I play sports games I go for realism, not overblown toonish characters, so this game suits my style.

A staple in today's games is the course editor which is robust enough to give you a good range of options in which to create your dream course.  These can then be shared with friends.  Don't expect to be creating the ultimate putt putt course as no giant clown heads are included.  However if you ever wanted to play in Scotland, without the paying for airfare, this is your chance.

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Consider yourself an amateur golfer, then do your game a favor and reduce that handicapp by picking up this game.

As usual, more details and updates are always available at, stay tuned!

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