Side-scrolling cinematic adventure The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] coming to PS4/PS5 June 2021

Hard Copy Games announced that The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] directed by Leonard Menchiari is will be out on the 24th of June on Playstation 4 and 5 at a price of 14.99 USD | EUR, a physical limited edition is coming late 2021. The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] is a side-scrolling cinematic adventure reminiscent of genre masterpieces like The Prince of Persia and Another World developed by the 3-person team TFL Studios.

The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] sends the player on a powerful journey packed with dangers and challenges through fast-paced melee action, calibrated ranged attacks, and/or cautious stealth approaches. Immerse yourself or speedrun through levels featuring random events, encounters, traps, riddles and exploration, in a semi-procedural world designed for replayability. Each world features a unique atmosphere, written through different personal and second hand experiences, re-applied to fit a post A.I. fallout world set several hundred years in the future.

Enjoy the atmosphere, strategize, or speedrun through a post-AI fallout packed with challenges
Go through the adventure alone or with a friend in local co-op mode 
Play over 20 levels across 5 unique worlds
Boss fights at the end of each world, plus 2 final Bosses
Use up to 10 different weapons found in different worlds
Unlock up to 10 different items to gain different abilities
Find 30 missing fragments to get back home
Repeat the dream for as many times as you can before officially dying
Unlock extra episode “Lost Tales” and learn of a brave sacrifice.
Unlock secret PvP Versus Mode in Dojo and Death Arena

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