Save Zombies to Use Against Your Enemies in Moving Hazard

Psyop Games and IllFonic will release their team-based, competitive first person shooter, Moving Hazard, on personal computer through Steam’s Early Access program on March 10 for $19.99 USD. The game pits rival military factions in a desperate battle for resources in a world lost to the zombie infection, where players must fight the instinct to kill zombies in order to spare the shamblers and deploy them as weapons against the enemy.

MovingHazard-030116-scrn1“We had such an incredible reaction from fans during our debut at PAX South, with players asking us to release the game immediately, so we’re incredibly excited to deliver Moving Hazard on Early Access,” said Christian Cantamessa, Lead Writer and Design Consultant for Psyop Games. “Once PAX-goers learned to stop killing the undead and started using them as scent-guided bloodhounds or shambling flesh-eating allies, the competition got fierce and the freshness of the gameplay really stood out. We can’t wait to give the community access and get their feedback to make it even better in the coming months.”

Moving Hazard will release on Early Access with a robust feature set, including cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 graphics, loadout customizations, two player Factions with three classes, four maps, four game modes, and eight unique weapons. In addition, the game will offer more than 30 Player Perks, more than 50 Weapon Mods, matchmaking and lobby services, and a Player Hideout, where players can level up, upgrade and select personalized skills.

Psyop Games and IllFonic will continue development of Moving Hazard throughout the Early Access process, responding to community feedback to add and tweak major feature additions and other upgrades. The game will enter a full release on Steam later this year.

About Moving Hazard
Moving Hazard brings a new twist to both competitive military shooters and zombie games by mashing together the popular genres in a fresh way. Set 50 years after civilization’s fall to a fast-moving zombie plague, Moving Hazard boldly challenges gamers to play counter to everything they’ve learned from previous zombie games – namely, to avoid killing the living dead and rather, to spare the mindless biters and deploy them as weapons against the enemy.

Featuring realistic weapons and a full arsenal of tactical equipment, including military-grade assault weapons, classic fragmentation and smoke grenades, and claymores, Moving Hazard is a full-fledged military shooter and features multiple maps, modes and tactics.

Most importantly however, players must take advantage of the zombie control technology that can attract, repel, sedate, and anger the voracious horde, including:

  • The Pheromone Attractor Molotov (The PAM): when applied to any infected, they become frenzied and immediately hunt down and attack enemies;
  • The Chaos Grenade: stuns enemies while frenzying nearby zombies, creating a doubly vicious attack;
  • The Templar: broadcasts a signal that repels zombies, forcing the horde to turn in their tracks to head away as fast as possible.

Moving Hazard will release for personal computer on Steam on March 10 for $19.99 USD.

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