Retro platformer Inukari – Chase of Deception coming soon

Inukari – Chase of Deception – crazy indie pixel platformer will land on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X on March 18.

Travel through forests, villages, cities, defeat your enemies and repair the evil caused by human greed to guide the world back to the right path.

Exploitation, consumerism, enrichment – these are the only things that interest people living on earth. As nature’s protector, patron of the ancient forest, you cannot let humans destroy all life and nature.

Set off on a journey, defeat your enemies and restore harmony.

There is no time to lose. Three sweeping worlds, each with eight challenging levels, at the end of which the boss has to be defeated. Can you make it and save the world? Be fast, be agile, be unstoppable!

Veterans will find the spirit of what they love – old jump & run, classic retro games, action-packed indie platformer. Easy, intuitive controls, but not too easy gameplay, make it fun.

An interesting, non-obvious story will complete the experience.


  • Female protagonist!
  • Story-driven speedrun,
  • 2D retro pixel platformer
  • Simple controls but not an easy gameplay
  • Original 8-bit soundtrack, composed especially for this game

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