Nintendo and Sony begin war of words over handhelds

By David Craddock

Nintendo’s Yasuhiro Minagawa, PR head for Nintendo, Co. Ltd, has little good to say about Sony’s PSP. With the price point for the PSP set far lower than many in the industry had imagined, Minagawa-san had some choice words.

“That’s not a game machine,” he said. “They showed it at the [Tokyo] Game Show without any fundamental game software, and you can tell that it’s not yet complete.”

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Ken Kutaragi isn’t very worried about such comments.

“People who want to play with Pikachu will need Nintendo’s new-style DS machine,” he said. “But those who want to play our racing game Gran Turismo 4 will need a PSP, right?”

The war between Sony and Nintendo is heating up again, as Sony becomes a fresh-and worthy-competitor for the handheld gaming throne Nintendo has long held. Keep an eye on MyGamer for more info as it develops.

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