Multiplayer Games that SHARE 1 Controller – simultaneous multiplayer – 2 players, 1 controller

Not every multiplayer game requires a dedicated controller for each player. Instead, some games offered creative multiplayer offerings by having two players SHARE the same controller (or handheld console) – 2 players, 1 controller.

In this video, I highlight a total of 8 games that made use of this creative multiplayer concept (2 of the games in this video are essentially the same so let’s just say 7 games). The final game on this list sort of, kind of, breaks the rule, but you’ll understand when you see it.

But what do you think? Have you ever played any of these 1 console, 2 player multiplayer games? Do you know of any other games that offer a unique multiplayer feature like this? Please leave a note in the comments so we can share this documentation with the community. There must be more games like this out there.

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Since this video debuted, many members have made comments to other games that support 2-players-1-controller multiplayer gameplay.

-Photo Dojo (DSiWare)
-WarioWare Smooth Moves (Wii, one uses Wiimote – the other on a nunchuk)
-Finger Connection (PSP)
-One Two Boat Racing (PSP Minis)
-Mudd Blocks in the Mutant Mudds Collection (Switch)
-Little Big Planet (Vita)
-Mario Party 7 (GC)
-Mario Party 8 (GC)
-Nidhogg (Vita version, not 100% confirmed)

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