Maddenoliday Declared in Madden Mississippi

Madden Mississippi has a population of 74 people.  All residents will be receiving a free Xbox 360 on August 22nd to commemorate “Maddenoliday,” a celebration of the launch of the latest John Madden football title from Electronic Arts.  
NFL stars Jerry Rice, Warren Moon, and Marshall Faulk will enhance the celebration in the small town.  Thousands of people are expected to show up from neighboring communities.  [i]Madden NFL 07[/i] will be playable in full form via Xbox 360 kiosks. 

EA’s [i]Madden[/i] franchise is a cultural phenomenon that sells millions of copies every year.  The popularity of the game can be contributed to its realism and massive fan base. 


It should be noted that the Xbox 360 version of [i]Madden 07[/i] is the only next generation console version that will be available at the beginning of the 2006/2007 football season.

[i]Madden 07[/i] will be released on every major console and handheld system.

Madden festivities will be taking place all day in Madden Mississippi on Tuesday August 22nd.

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