Kontrol Freek – INFINITY and HAVOK Analog Stick Accessory Review

Back in 2009, Kontrol Freek released a couple of controller attachments: the FPS Freek, designed for First Person Shooters, and the Speed Freek which was designed for racing games. For around $10, these analog stick doohickeys were marketed towards the more hardcore gamer looking to gain a slight edge during competitive gaming. Listening to fans and wanting to extend their product line, Kontrol Freek has recently released a couple new attachments to their FPS line – the INFINITY and HAVOK attachments.

Feeding into the hype of 2012’s biggest games, Kontrol Freek has teamed up with Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 by creating analog nub attachments for each game.  INFINITY is a blue colored attachment that has been laser etched with the UNSC eagle icon while HAVOK is a black on black design that is highlighted with the Black Ops skull symbol.  Both nubs are virtually identical sans the coloring and cosmetic design.

Kontrol Freek Havok

Like the original FPS Freek attachment, these pieces are compatible with both Xbox 360 and PS3 first-party controllers.  Installation requires no extra tools and is relatively easy; just firmly press down until the teeth of the attachment snap onto either analog stick.  Because of the firm grip, these analog attachments should never become loose or fall off during play.  Only a firm twist and pull will remove these units from their solid grip on the analog head.

Why would someone want to use these Freek attachments?  Well, these nubs are approximately a half inch tall.  Extending the length of an analog stick can create more accurate control because subtle movements become even more subtle.  Fans of sniper matchmaking sessions will probably appreciate these pieces the most along with gamers just looking to try something new.  Some gamers might even need to adjust in-game X and Y sensitivity settings too.

Kontrol Freek Inf Analog

Without question, these attachments will require a bit of a learning curve.  The extra height of the usual thumb position takes some getting used to.  New comers might also experience added wrist pain with longer gamer sessions since the thumb is placed so much higher off the usual controller position.  A half inch might not sound like much, but it actually makes it feel like holding a whole new controller.  Until you experience these accessories for yourself, it is something that is a little hard to describe.  Alternatively, some handicapped gamers or arthritis sufferers might actually think these units make game play easier and more comfortable.

Besides the cosmetic differences, the INFINITY and HAVOK units are slightly different from the original FPS Freek attachments thanks to the more concave and smoothed design. In comparison, the original unit featured a more bubbled design complete with a dotted textured surface.  This refined difference does not necessarily make these units better or worse than the original.

The Halo 4 INFINITY attachment is set to become available on October 9, 2012 for a MSRP of $13.99, about $4 more than the original FPS Freek.  And the Black Ops 2 HAVOK unit has a sale date of October 23, 2012 also for $13.99.  There are two analog nubs always bundled together in a clear easy open plastic casing.  And just to be clear, these attachments have been cleared for professional tournament play.

Kontrol Freek Inf TopView

So the big question is, do these things actually work?  Will it make me a better player? Sure, if you are willing to work through the learning curve. But in my opinion, I think it is only necessary to add one, if any at all, to the right analog stick.  In most games, the right stick is reserved for aiming whereas the left stick controls movement.  I found that adding a nub to each stick makes the controller bulky and uncomfortable.  Besides, aiming requires more pixel perfect control than movement does so feel free to buy a set and split it with your friend.

For under $15, the price is cheap enough for curious gamers to give it a shot.  And even if the Halo 4 or Black Ops themes do not strike your fancy, Kontrol Freek offers many other shapes and styles.  Learn more on their official website HERE.

Finally, at the time of this posting, Gamestop PowerUp Rewards members can use reward points to score a free set of FPS Freek attachments from the rewards catalog… You know, if you didn’t want to spend your hard earned cash.


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