Hyrule Warriors Preview

Hyrule Warriors is going to be the first Zelda game released on the Wii U, and it is going to be extremely different from any other Zelda game you have played before. It is scheduled for a September 26th, 2014 release so fans can look forward to this while they wait for the next one coming in 2015. The Zelda/Dynasty Warrior mix displays a more detailed Link fighting off waves of enemies, and it is nice to see all the action in HD for the first time.


During E3 we got a preview of what Hyrule Warriors would like as there was a demo available which gave players an option to choose from Link or Zelda, and they started in Hyrule Fields. It has been confirmed that Impa and Midna will also be playable characters in the game, where the objective is to fight off waves of enemies as you command an army to take back regions that have been conquered.

There are still bosses to fight, although you won’t be spending hours exploring dungeons. The hack and slash features of this game make it more addicting, especially as there is a large emphasis on combo-building, so it is different from other Zelda experiences. Although there are still many classic Zelda game elements in the game, such as the grunt noises that Link makes as he swings his sword, and the sound when you open a chest. From what was seen in the demo, Hyrule Warriors gameplay will be the usual for Dynasty Warriors. There is going to be a heavy emphasis on combos by mixing up heavy and light attacks.

Dynasty Warriors and Zelda actually go together quite well and many fans believe they compliment each other, while some people still find it to be an odd mix. Still, the hack and slash gameplay mixed with more strategic moves like throwing a bomb towards a boss, makes for a great game.

In the demo it appeared that there might be some very repetitive moments, but this is common in any hack and slash video game. The features brought in from Zelda certainly lessen the repetitiveness and this is what many of the Hyrule Warrior reviews seem to suggest.

Graphics and Visuals

Fans of Zelda will certainly appreciate the Hyrule Warrior’s Link, and it is the first HD Zelda game to be featured on the Wii U. The graphics are not the best, however the game looks good enough, as the main characters are polished with detail. On the other hand, the environment is lacking detail and looks rather boring, but players will be too busy hacking and slashing their way through enemies so it should not be a problem for most people.


The Dynasty Warriors series has never been known for quality, while Zelda fans are used to high quality, challenging video games. They are very different from each other but together they are a great combination that will make for many hours of fun. If you are a Zelda fan waiting for the real Legend of Zelda 2015 release then this will hold you over until then, and many believe the Link on Hyrule Warriors looks better anyways!

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