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Enter the peculiar world that has been cursed by an ancient, plant-based cosmic entity known as the Haustoria. Take command and defeat this forceful being while traversing this dark and creepy universe.

Haustoria, a 2D puzzle-platformer with innovative game mechanics and unique hand-drawn visual style created by Antares Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch on 24th of September thanks to The pre-order starts on 17th of September. 

Begin the harsh journey through the unique but creepy universe of Haustoria playing as a young boy. Wander over a weird forest, explore a cursed house, creep around in pitch black caves, and avoid dangerous traps in an old dungeon. 

Make your way through the game by using the magical thumbtack system. Pin and unpin various game objects to walk through paths, get into hard-to-reach areas, overtake obstacles and solve puzzles. 

Forest Dwellers will assist you on your difficult journey. Some of them can be caught and collected. Some, when combined with the magical thumbtack, will help you clear your path of monstrous creatures.

While exploring intriguing and challenging locations in Haustoria, you can enjoy beautifully hand-drawn graphics inspired by books’ illustrations.

Haustoria is now available for digital pre-order on Nintendo Switch. If you pre-order it now, you can get the game 35% OFF!


  • hand-drawn illustrated book-style graphics 
  • harsh adventure through the peculiar game world
  • various tough challenges and weird cosmic creatures at each level  
  • innovative “magical thumbtack” system to solve puzzles, cross paths and overcome obstacles.

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