Get A Little Buzz! This Summer

What popular virtual game show for the PS2 has a version slated for release on the PSP this Summer?

A)    You Don’t Know Jack

B)    Jeopardy

C)    Mr. Know-It-All’s Question Emporium

D)    Buzz!

Pencils down, the correct answer is D) Buzz!

Buzz! is one of the few trivia games I’ve ever enjoyed playing for a console or as a board game, and the version for PSP promises to build upon the quirky, colorful style of the original with 5,000 new questions, 6 new game modes, a slew of picture and video accompaniments, and up to 6 player action. You can play multiplayer by either passing around the PSP, or via game sharing.

Buzz! isn’t only about Q&A, however, and there are also a number of games that test memory, speed and just plain old luck. Keep an eye out for this as a slightly more grown-up alternative to Mario Party for the DS.

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