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As the promised release date nears, I can’t help but jump aboard the hype train as I patiently await EA Sports FC 24. Having seen the back of a franchise that has held a place in my collection for very nearly thirty years, I’m wholly excited about the new soccer game from EA Sports but also nervous about what the future will hold for the future of soccer games.

EA Sports FC 24 Preview | MyGamer

What Happened to the EA and FIFA Partnership

The thirtieth year marks the end of a globally treasured franchise. The reason for this sudden (to us) split was nothing less than greed, on FIFA‘s part. After a partnership spanning thirty years, the soccer giants decided they wanted a larger fee to allow EA Sports access to their licences. After a little toing and froing, no agreement could be made between the two parties and so began the end of the franchise as we know it.

Will EA Sports FC Still Have Real Teams?

The good news is that, despite having parted ways with FIFA, EA Sports FC 24 will still include all of your favorite teams and leagues. In fact, the developers have confirmed 19,000+ players; 700+ teams; 100+ stadiums, and 30 leagues, so the chances that your team and stadium are a part of the game going forward are high. That’s right, no Pro Evolution names like ‘Man City Blues’ or ‘Merseyside Reds’ ruining the authentic experience.

EA Sports FC 24 Preview | MyGamer

EA Sports FC 24 – Gameplay

By introducing Hypermotion V, Opta and Frostbite technologies into EA Sports FC 24, we are set to see the most realistic and fluid soccer game to date. Sapian has also been utilized to create the true to life movements of individual players. Furthermore, new gameplay features have been implemented to throw a little change into how the games are played out. Players can now swerve passes and crosses, control dribbling and there’s even a new feature to help the centre-halves protect the box.

To throw a spanner into the works, the AI that will be seen in EA Sports FC is vastly improved. Volumetric data has been used to understand the stars more and AI Mimic couples this with advanced AI technology to create an extra 1,200 body movements that will add heaps of authenticity to the upcoming and long-long awaited title.

EA Sports FC 24 Preview | MyGamer

EA Sports FC 24 – Game Modes

Ultimate Team has always been the fan-favorite go-to mode in the FIFA games and readers will be happy to know that this will make a return in EA Sports 24. Not only that, there will also be a woman’s football version of the game mode for anyone interested in that side of the game.

Sadly, it’s not looking like the upcoming game will feature a story mode as seen in earlier FIFA partnership games. However, EA Sports FC will be home to the classic single-player careers (manager and player), so all is not lost.

We have, however, seen the end of World Cup tournaments. It goes without saying that this is down to FIFA and licencing, but it’s not going to be much of a loss for most.

EA Sports FC 24 Preview | MyGamer

EA Sports FC 24 – Summary

Having been a fan of the FIFA games franchise for the entirety of its lifespan, I’m excited to see what EA will bring to us and how much freedom this has opened up for the software giants. I won’t lie and say that there’s no doubts in my mind that EA Sports FC 24 will disappoint but that could be put down to my love for the older games.

Only time will tell and there’s not much longer to wait. EA Sports FC 24 will be released on September 29 on all major platforms.

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