E3: Miyamoto Speaks of Successor to Wii

A lot of buzz has been circulating regarding Nintendo’s new console, the [i]Wii[/i], and already famed Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto is speaking of its successor. In a Q&A conference held on May 10, Miyamoto defended the Wii not having HDTV capabilities, but mentioned the successor to the Wii, to be released in about five years, will have HD output. He stated that this was because the number of people who own HDTV sets is not all that high at the moment.

According to Miyamoto: “We thought it would be better to create a system that allows you to interact with any TV set you have in your home in an entirely new, different way, and even kind of turn that into a toy for your TV that anyone can pick up, interact with and enjoy – rather than only the people who have a very high-tech, specific kind of TV set.”

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