E3: Bioshock Details

Some fresh details on the upcoming Xbox 360 game [i]Bioshock[/i] have recently emerged at E3. First off, the setting was revealed more in detail – an underwater city that is a unique blend of ‘50’s styling and retro sci-fi. The name of the underwater city is Rapture, and it has plenty of leaky valves and rusted metal to pull you into its creepy setting. Some of the game’s enemies have been revealed as well – ominous, old diver suit-clad monstrosities called Big Daddies, accompanied by creepy little girls called Little Sisters. Both of which are not necessarily after the player – they’re after a genetic resource called Adam, which you too must harvest.

Irrational Games, developers of [i]Bioshock[/i], have mentioned during their presentation that the type of AI that they’re going for is definitely not of the generic kill-the-player variety found in most action games. Instead, to make the adversaries appear more lifelike, they have specific objectives they are trying to accomplish, like the aforementioned harvesting of Adam, so that the player isn’t the center of attention.  Other nifty features include the ability to swap out cybernetic implants (your special abilities) on the fly at machines called Plasmi-Quik, Havok 3.0 physics interaction, and a hacking system and minigame to open up more routes and playing possibilities. Irrational Games also wants to be able to confront the player with moral decisions as they struggle to survive in the game.

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