E3 2013 News Summary

E3 week is always the craziest week for gaming each year. So much news, trailers, announcements, and demos are released that it takes teams of gaming journalists to capture all these important gaming details. But if you have not had time to keep up, here is just a brief snapshot of some of the biggest news tidbits you should probably be aware of.

– Announced a $499 price point for the Xbox One this Nov.
– Redesigned the current 360 model to look more like the upcoming Xbox One
– Microsoft Points will soon die and will be converted to real currency
– Achievements are getting completely revamped with Xbox One and will add Challenges

– Announced a $399 price tag for their PS4 release this holiday
– Made it clear that used games will work without issue on the PS4

– Heavy emphasis on 1st party titles like a new Mario for WiiU but many titles will not see release until 2014. Nintendo will be cold for a while with lacking 3rd party support too.
– Donkey Kong, Mario and Smash Bros were shown but Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero and Star Tropics were nowhere to be found.

Other News:
– Kingdom Hearts III official announced (finally)
– Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now FFXV
– Metal Gear Solid V looks friggin’ awesome
– Titanfall and Destiny look pretty sweet too
– Pokemon X & Y will release on 3DS later this year
– Megaman, an Animal Crossing village, and the lady personal trainer will join the ranks in Smash Bros.
– Wind Waker HD removes the Tingle Tuner for a message-in-a-bottle feature
– Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the official name of Link to the Past 2
– A new Star Wars Battlefront is in development
– Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade is returning in Aug
– Super Mario 3D World for WiiU takes notes from Mario 2 on NES as players can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach
– Halo 4 will release sometime in 2014 on Xbox One
– Ryse, a new IP for Xbox One, looks to be the title Microsoft is betting on like how they supported the exclusive Gears series on 360
– Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has some great trailers
– Nintendo didn’t make a big press conference this year and opted instead for a bigger Nintendo Direct video
– Nothing is really going on for the Vita
– Mario will turn into the dumbest suit yet with the Cat Suit in Mario 3D World
– Bayonetta 2 will have multiplayer
– Mario Kart 8 will be named Mario Kart 8 and has magnet tracks
– The Witcher 3 will be a huge open world game
– South Park Stick of Truth is still alive and looks hilarious
– Miyamoto was spotted eating at In-n-Out
– A new Killer Instinct was announced for Xbox One and will apparently be Free-To-Play with gamers only having Jago as a playable fighter; additional fighters will have to be purchased
– PvZ: Garden Warfare looks totally different than the original hit game
– World of Tanks will be coming to Xbox 360
– Dead Rising 3 announced
– FPS’s like Battlefield 4 and CoD received a lot of attention
– A new Mad Max game is in the works
– Fable Anniversary, an enhanced port of the original game, will land on 360
– The Streepass feature of the 3DS hardware should be getting online relays
– Remedy is working on Quantum Break
– The team at Monolith of Xenoblade fame is making a new game for WiiU
– The new Sonic games look colorful
– Mario Golf World Tour will not be released until 2014 at the earliest
– No new RockBand was announced
– The Wonderful 101 looks… interesting
– Rainbow 6: Patriots is jumping to next gen platforms
– Watch Dogs looks like an interesting new IP
– The Last Guardian is on hiatus
– The internet likes to call the new Xbox the Xbone

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