Dying Light Preview

Dying light PC CoverDying Light is a horror-survival game coming to gaming consoles on Feb 28, 2015. It has been confirmed for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and PS4 – so everyone should have access to it when it comes out. If you like games that put you in a vast open world then Dying Light might catch your attention, from the visuals seen so far to the overall plot. The game looks interesting, and you are put in a world where you either hunt or be hunted. There is a nice little twist though, and the game essentially switches from day and night, where things change dramatically.

During the day, you are the hunter and you have the chance to scavenge for items and weapons to protect yourself. At night, you are the hunted. There is a highly sophisticated crafting system so you can get creative as you create your next weapon to fight off the infected. In most open-world games such as Dying Light you will see different enemies come out at night, so it is not an entirely new concept. However, there day and night gameplay is going to be much different, as the infected get stronger at night and new enemies come out to greet you.

Fallout meet Assassin’s Creed. Dying Light will give you the Free Running Movement feature so you can quickly get around, jumping building to building. This is an awesome feature as it speeds up the game and keeps you entertained, instead of making you travel slowly as you do in many games from the past decade. Doing this from a first-person point of view is certainly an exciting experience, and there are going to be a wide variety of environments to roam through.


The free running movement capability lets you sneak up on your enemies and quickly take them out before they know what hit them. Your favorite type of weapon is definitely going to be featured in Dying Light, as there are guns, exotic weaponry, sledgehammers, axes, knives, bats and many more to fight with. Not only that, but you can use the crafting system to create much more powerful weapons, and you can even create specialized ammunition to eliminate your threats.

From the looks of it, you will be running around trying to make the most out of your dying daylight, and that means you will be finding items, creating items, and finding a good place to camp out for the night. Night time is supposed to be insane, as the infected get vicious and grow in numbers like the zombies on World War Z. So at night you are worried about the infected and new enemies that only come out when its dark.

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  1. Avatar of nate5 nate5 says:

    There are so many FPS games in the market now that it’s hard to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad. From what I can tell, this one seems pretty good! I’ll probably have a look at how much this game costs, and I’ll see from there.

  2. Cool looking game. The concept is good. I suppose it’s very open-world like what you get with fallout. If that’s the case it could be a very fun game indeed.

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