Do You Need to Charge 6 Things at Once? See Easy-Doks.

Are you looking for a holiday gift to give to your geeky friend or significant other?

Well, Easy-Doks has created a serious docking station that allows for multiple devices to be charged at once. Oh yeah, and there is also an FM clock radio in a couple of the units. Check out the official press release below:

Easy-Doks, LLC announced the “Easy-Doks CR34” essential smart quick charger, which charges and docks up to 6 devices simultaneously, neatly and elegantly displaying your devices in one place at all times.  The Easy-Doks CR34 charges all phones (including iPhones, Androids & Blackberrys), tablets (iPads, Galaxys, etc.), MP3 players (iPods, etc.), headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more at the same time, for a professional looking charging/docking solution.

Easy Doks CR34

The CR34 features Smart Current Detection  (SCD) Technology to charge each device individually, adjusting the flow to ensure proper charging to each device to avoid harmful over-charging , which reduces battery longevity.  The CR34 also features a “Tidy-Cable” organizer to keep cables neat and an FM stereo alarm clock radio with remote for waking up with music.  In addition, Easy-Doks also allows you to display and play one device on the speaker system while charging the devices at the same time.

Easy-Doks CR34 Features:

·        Charges any 6 portable media devices (including phones) simultaneously, in one location.

·        SCD (Smart Current Detection) Technology adjusts the current flow to ensure proper charging to each device.

·        Display and listen to one device on the speaker system while charging.

·        Compatible with all smart devices.

·        Clock Radio:  wake up to FM stereo alarm clock radio with snooze function.

·        Remote Control.

·        Compatible cradle for smartphones and MP3 players.

·        Holds and charges up to 3 devices in cradles and 3 devices outside of cradles.

·        High quality sound system to play smart devices.

·        Built-in surge protection and battery backup for power outages.

·        “Tidy-Cable” cable organizing feature.

·        LED night light built-in.

·        12W output power.

·        AC Power (UL approved).

·        AC 110V/50Hz~AC 240V/60Hz.

Additional Versions Available with One to Five USB Charging Ports at a Lower Price

The Easy-Doks CR34 with 6 charging ports is available immediately priced at $99.99.  Additional Easy-Doks versions are available with less charging ports at a lower price, including the Easy-Doks CR15 with 1 USB charging port, priced at $34.99 and the Easy-Doks CR30 with 4 USB charging ports, priced at $79.99.

Easy-Doks Pricing:

·        CR34 (6 charging ports) $99.99

·        CR30 (4 charging ports) $79.99

·        CR15 (1 charging port) $34.99
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