Dead Effect Now Available on Steam

Czech-based independent games developer and publisher BadFly Interactive announced the worldwide release of its zombie-infested PC & Mac FPS, Dead Effect, now available for download via Steam. Following a monster successful Early Access campaign this impressive action-packed FPS has already ranked up impressive reviews, and it fast becoming a fan-favorite among the casual and hardcore audience of gamers. Dead Effect has previously been released to critical acclaim on iOS and Android, as well.

Dead Effect is a highly addictive single-player game, in which the ESS Meridian spacecraft is traveling through space with a new FTL technology, heading towards its destination, Tau Ceti f, the first planet outside of our solar system ever to be colonized.

One of the crew members is awakened from cryogenic sleep, and quickly discovers that the nightmare has only begun. What happened to everyone aboard? Why are they all so aggressive, and why do they attack without any survival instincts?

Dead Effect features not only a compelling story, but also incredibly immersive gameplay. You play the role of a character and member of Unit 13, an elite peace-keeping unit aboard the ship, and it is your task to discover what happened to the ESS Meridian and the remaining crew. Through 12 challenging levels aboard the ship, ranging from hazardous laboratories and a dangerous nuclear core, can you survive the onslaught on incoming zombies, while uncovering the truth about what truly happened?

Dead Effect features an extensive single-player campaign with more than seven hours of gameplay, including a gripping atmosphere and fast-paced FPS arcade action. With its lifelike zombies and tons of upgradable weapons, Dead Effect is packed full of content. Choose to play as male or female, and either character can be upgraded as you progress. Special abilities such as Bullet-Time and Devastation enhance the gameplay experience, and the inclusion of mini-games within the game opens up vast opportunities for extended play.

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