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CounterSpys an upcoming game for PlayStation consoles, recently previewed at this year’s E3 and Gamecom. The game will get a release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita. Overall, the feedback has been average for this game, with some people expecting a better launch version. The Gamecom CounterSpy demo was kind of disappointing and there were some obvious flaws in the game… major flaws.

For instance, most of the people who got to experience the CounterSpy demo at Gamecom were not pleased with the gameplay, as stealth elements are featured but not perfected. The cover system is not that great and that kind of ruins the gameplay because it’s a Cold War spy game and stealth is important. There are many great things about CounterSpy and everything is not all that bad, so here is what you can expect to see on the final launch.

side-scrolling gameplay

Features and Gameplay

In CounterSpy you are a character that plays a neutral role during the Cold War-era, doing your best to prevent a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Basically, you are not on either side of the fight, but you will attempt to ruin their plans and prevent innocent people from dying across the globe. Oh, and you are not alone, you are part of an organization with the same goal in mind.

There is a constant race against time in CounterSpy has you literally race to beat the Doomsday Clock, which does not restart when you die. The gameplay appears to be very challenging or frustrating, depending on how you look at it.

One of the game challenges is a mission where you attempt to stop a rocket before it launches, and all the levels will have similar tasks as you disrupt their destructive plans. Everything is urgent, which is what will make CounterSpy an exciting game to play.

CounterSpy game controls

Critics who have experienced the demo at Gamecom often complain about the side-scroller’s gameplay because taking cover and aiming at your enemies is difficult. Some critics have said the aiming while taking cover is sloppy, as the poor controls don’t make it a smooth experience. Since it is a side-scrolling game the gameplay is expected to be somewhat different than your average Cold War-era game, and on CounterSpy you will take cover behind the doors in the background.

You can’t control your character with the controller’s D-pad like you can on most other side-scrolling games, so that certainly feels odd at first. However, there are a ton of collectibles that you will pick up throughout the game and they are quite fun to find. These collectibles can be Security Keys, Weapon Blueprints and Money. They are a nice addition to the game and will certainly give you something extra to do, so the game should not get boring for a very long time if you can get over the frustrating controls.

The CounterSpy hands-off demo at this year’s E3 looked exciting but the more recent Gamecom demo seemed to disappoint most players. It’s a simple case of a great idea that wasn’t executed correctly, however that was just a demo and final launch version may seem some improvements. Check out the video below to see the gameplay for yourself…

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  1. Wow great artwork. The game looks really fun and the concept and story are more unique in my opinion than some of the other more popular and leading titles out there.

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