Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam is the next generation of the award-winning Battlefield franchise. With this all-new game, the franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, Vietnam-era weaponry and vehicles, and a variety of new and enhanced gameplay features and options. Your tour of duty is a non-stop barrage of explosive action and all-out combat. Grab your M-16, put on your flak jacket, and prepare to engage in the fiercest combat action from the Vietnam War.

* Command powerful Vietnam-era vehicles?rule the skies in the F-4 Phantom, airlift vehicles into and out of the most intense hot spots in transport helicopters, and much more.

* Master the weapons of jungle warfare including pongee sticks and booby traps.

* Wage war online from dark jungles to villages on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

* Go to war as a Viet Cong, Green Beret, or other soldier types, each with multiple character skins.

* Head into battle with a generation-defi ning soundtrack blaring from your chopper, including songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, and more.



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