Battlefield Hardline Preview

After the Battlefield Hardline Beta launched mixed reviews popped up all around the internet, especially as the graphics did not appear to look nearly as good as we had expected. The policeman versus criminal aspect is certainly appealing, and completely unexpected from Battlefield. Even so far, something just seems strange about Hardline, maybe it’s the fact that cops are carrying around military weapons and shoot to kill, rather than capture and arrest criminals.

The graphics in the beta version were an obvious downgrade, but the final Hardline launch is expected to be upgraded and the beta was stripped down to ensure the game ran smoothly for everyone. We expect to see nothing but the best when Battlefield Hardline is finally launched, as the beta looked like it was playing in a lower resolution. Either way, some visual elements did see an upgrade so the downgraded graphics did not take away from the game one bit.

Hardline will feature a game mode titled “Heist Mode”, where players are divided into two teams and either perform criminal acts or stop the criminals. Criminals must steal money and flee without getting stopped by the police. Even though it is not nearly as epic as a GTA chase, Heist Mode is very fun to play no matter which team you end up on.

hardline vehicle warfare

While there are many elements of this game that the hardcore Battlefield fans can appreciate, it will do a better job at appealing to Call of Duty fans than previous Battlefield titles. The gameplay is fast-paced, making it the kind of online game you can immediately become addicted to. Why?

Because they take all the fun elements from online multiplayer and enhance them in a cops versus robbers setting where you shoot it out on the streets. Aside from Grand Theft Auto, no other successful game has a similar theme. Hardline and GTA are very different, but the setting is similar.

Blood Money is a game mode where both teams must steal from a cache of cash, and it’s basically a re-themed version of capture the flag with more than one flag available at once. What makes it even more exciting is the way you can rob the other team’s stash, so it never gets boring.

Hardline Coming Soon

Between Blood Money and Heist mode, Hardline may become one of the most played online multiplayer games for a long time to come. For the CoD fans who enjoyed maps like Nuke Town (Black Ops), that same fast-paced action can be experienced on next-generation consoles with Battlefield Hardline.

Some critics believe Hardline will rely on a single-player experience if it is going to get good ratings, and the single-player mode will hopefully feature a great story and narrative to explain the setting and what’s going on a little more. Right now it looks and sounds fun, but there are still some mysteries as to why there is so much chaos. In fact, fans can expect one of the best single-player Battlefield experience that they’ve created in many years, and that is what we expect will sell Hardline to gamers across the nation.

The original release date for Battlefield Hardline was October 21, 2014 – but it has now been pushed back to early 2015 and we do not have an exact release date.

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