Alloy Arcade Stick

If looks alone could kill your enemies than this stylish Arcade Stick is the one to buy. Only the luckiest of gamers who ventured out and purchased this gem will have the pleasure of showing off their new Arcade Stick, sporting a Die-Cast Metal Cabinet, designer Padded Hand Rests and again a look that kills. Your neighbors, friends, relatives and girlfriends will flock to your Dreamcast in hopes that they may catch a glimpse of Interact’s Alloy Arcade Stick.

In today’s real world, neighbors, friends and relatives are only interested in borrowing money and girlfriends really don’t care about the style and size of your stick, but do in-fact care about the heated leather seats in your new Lexus. So besides it’s impressive look, does this Arcade stick have what it takes to become a keeper, or just another pretty toy on the shelf of shame?

The stick and fire buttons are positioned exactly where you would want them. There are a total of eight buttons, the standard is six, and you ask what are the extra two for? Well, the extra two are programmable, which is very useful when playing Soul Calibur or any game that requires two button combos. The stick itself is a little long but is reminiscent of the good old Mortal Kombat stick.

This unit comes complete with a Visual memory Card Slot and most importantly an Auto-Fire button. The Auto-Fire feature is quite unique as it has an extra button on top of the stick to enable/disable the feature, which is pretty slick, if you want to switch back and forth with ease.

The unit is made durable, it weighs the most out of any Arcade Stick I have felt, giving it more strength during the “Fist Flying Frenzy” of the normal aggravated gamer. Also the weight is important along with the rubber feet in regards to support while playing, no more shifting during play.

Pound for pound this is the best Arcade Stick for the Dreamcast on the market today. Extra programmable buttons, Auto-Fire, stylish looks and at a reasonable price ($59.99) make this stick a keeper. If you buy one make sure you invite the girls over, because in our fairy tale world, girls dig this stick.

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