Alien Abduction Lamp Review

Lasse Klein has created a product that will definitely give you the trip of a life time or at least an out of this world feeling. The Alien Abduction Lamp is like nothing you have ever seen before and is an excellent product to help bring life to a boring space.

The futuristic disk offers a durable sleek material that gives the illusion of hovering above the field in attempts of stealing the cow maybe in hopes of someday taking over the world by stealing one animal at a time. The strobe light which flickers between yellow and green illuminates the area and beams down over the realistic fake grass.

Alien Abduction Lamp Box

Alien Abduction Lamp Box

This amazing product is not only one of the coolest lamps available but it’s also ecofriendly being that it has energy saving LED’s. The glowing green & yellow cockpit gives the ultimate space like feel so you can enjoy the feel of being part of that forbidden taboo alien topic without ever leaving your home. The polished high quality steel has a black pearl finish and the saucer glows green through the tinted windows for the futuristic alien glow capturing the true essence of what it would be like to be visited by little green men.

Speaking of little green men why not take a peek in on the glow in the dark aliens which can be seen standing through the cockpit giving you the ultimate realistic alien encounter. You may want to stand by to ensure that the Alien Abduction doesn’t happen on your watch. Maybe when Lasse Klein designed the Alien Abduction Lamp he wanted buyers to really feel as though this could be real and make you think about what you would do if in fact you were to ever come in contact with aliens.

This realistic product is the perfect choice for a Halloween party and will give guests something to really talk about. Placing it as though it’s one of the first things that they see when they walk through the door will give them a surprise that they never expected. The Alien Abduction Lamp will take control of the party and leave everyone under your mind control. Throwing the ultimate party of the year has never been easier especially with the help of a few green men. The bright glowing green & yellow cockpit will help to keep the room lit up as though a real space ship has landed and everyone will be subdued at any moment.

The Alien Abduction Lamp was created with options in mind which gives you a pull of an impressive 3.1 watts with both the force field tractor beam and cockpit light, 2.3 watts with the cock pit lights or 2.1 watts with the tractor/field beam light. The versatile antenna is the rotating switch making the three stages of the on & off switch easy and fun at the same time. Enjoy watching the light show as the aliens stare out from the cockpit as they hover above the unsuspecting cow which is about to be brought on board. What kind of tests will they perform on him? Is mind control possible with the Alien Abduction Lamp?

Alien Abduction Lamp Display

Alien Abduction Lamp Display

Inside the clear beam you will find the cow, Holstein which is being abducted by the Alien Abduction Lamp. The cow’s left hoof has a tip that fits perfectly into a divot which is located in the field. The cow is complete with tail, udders and even spotting which really makes everything seem realistic. Poor Holstein is being abducted right before your eyes. Will you be able to stop them?

The durability and construction of the Alien Abduction Lamp is very impressive and the fact that the LED lights changes colors and when switched on rotate between beam lighting, window lighting, to beam and window lighting and then off. What is more impressive is that regardless of which rotation setting you choose to put it on the aliens beady little eyes never lose you from their sight.

You will receive everything that you need to revamp your space and turn it into an out of this world cosmic hangout space. It can easily be displayed on a table, shelf or even on the floor as long as the area is flat. The Alien Abduction Lamp comes complete with disk, bright alien lights, aliens on board and even the filed with a cow that will be abducted by this tiny alien space ship. When the lamp is on it will not fully illuminate the room but works perfectly to give that green and yellow glow that a real spaceship would and with each glow you can see the tiny glow in the dark aliens on board that is just waiting to take off after snatching the cow directly from the field.

You can position your new spaceship any way that you like and will have plenty of opportunities to discuss with family, friends and coworkers because as soon as they see it they will be interested. The Alien Abduction Lamp has so much to offer and with such a durable and artistic look you may even consider purchasing more than one for other areas of your home. The Alien Abduction Lamp will definitely take flight in more ways than one. Created for the perfect illusion of bringing aliens to earth or at least to your home you won’t want to take your eyes off of them for long because who knows what might happen.

The Alien Abduction Lamp can breathe life into a boring space but not without risk of losing your mind to the little green men aboard this cow stealing ship. The durable material will keep it safe in the event that it gets tossed around or has to come in for a crash landing. The sleek design will enable it to match almost any decor so why not turn out the lights and enjoy the glow.

There are lots of sci fi glowing alien products on the market but none that can come close to the Alien Abduction Lamp especially with the cow stealing little green men that are hiding inside their glowing cockpit. The one downside to owning it is that it does not really light up a room like you might expect from a lamp but once you see what it does offer any hesitation goes right out the window.

This is the ultimate cosmic piece that will add character to any space and with the strobe lights any area can be illuminated giving the perfect conversation piece for visitors young or old. Everyone wonders what it would be like to take a ride on the Alien Abduction Lamp so maybe they even are bit envious of the cow. While the overall effect of the lamp may seem predictable it’s quite fascinating with the light show, beady little alien eyes watching you through the cockpit and a cow that is just wanting to enjoy grazing in his grassy green field.

The price of the Alien Abduction lamp may be a bit pricey for your taste but the unique features and designs of the ship and the illusion that it truly is hovering above the field and about to beam the cow up make it well worth any price.

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