Zombies, Aliens & Guns (XSX) Review

Zombies, Aliens, & Guns is a simple action shooter that has similar gameplay to classic Smash TV. The dual analog control scheme, constant onslaught of baddies (aliens and zombies), and a health/weapon system on a cooldown timer means that the action always stays at the forefront.

Instead of venturing through one larger interconnected map like in Midways’s classic top-down shooter, each stage is bite-sized, scrolls, and is more or less the same as the last. In fact, this $6 digital download’s biggest flaw is the mindless repetition.  Shooting the same three enemy types, using the same gun, without powerups or anything special, becomes a slog after ten minutes. Without any variety whatsoever, I was only able to complete this 1-2 hour quest after clearing a few stages, then coming back later.

The campaign is never overly difficult but there are moments of frustrating difficulty spikes. The only time I died was when I was foolishly overwhelmed, and at that point, the game doesn’t get better or more entertaining, it becomes cheap and annoying. Making matters blander are the optional weapon swaps. Thing is, the default assault rifle is the best tool for the job because the shotgun shoots too slowly and uses too many bullets. I found myself avoiding the powerups altogether, which isn’t a good sign of the game’s fun factor. Also, the camera isn’t great. Instead of being top-down, it is placed at this weird angle where you cannot see where you are going when walking downward. The screen shakes unnecessarily when destroying the baddies too.

Boss battles are also unfun acts of attrition and the occasional vehicle stage plays exactly the same as on foot, so again, there just isn’t any variety. Local co-op is available, which can be more entertaining than powering through the throngs of zombie aliens, but it still doesn’t change the fact that this is plain glass of room temperature tap water – it can satisfy your thirst when you haven’t had anything to drink for a while but eventually you are going to get hungry for more.

Not As Good As: when Smash TV was released on X360 Arcade

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Wait For It: instead of zombies and aliens, how about murdering thousands of cute chicks and pink bunnies

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A twin-stick, uneventful Smash TV-like only without flavor and loaded with dull repetition.

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