Who Shot Johnny Rock?

She calls herself ?Red?, and you know she?s trouble as soon as she walks in your office. ?I?m in trouble and I need your help,? she tells you. You make your first mistake?you tell her that you?ll listen! Now you?re the hired Private Detective on the prowl for clues in the murder of Singer/performer, Johnny Rock. It’s up to you to bring the killer to justice and solve one of your toughest cases.

“Mumps”, “Measles”, “Pots”, and “Lockjaw Lil” are your four prime suspects in the case. Navigate the back streets of Chicago, gaming halls, funeral parlors and dirty sections of the city. Gather clues to Johnny Rock?s safe combination and nail the murderer while taking care of gangsters that get in your way. Watch your back though?or you?ll end up a corpse?just like Johnny Rock!

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