Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria

The award-winning Warlords franchise continues with an all new turn-based strategy game, featuring a new tactical combat system and the player-created heroes that Warlords fans have come to expect.

* Speed Tactical System: Innovative new combat resolution system greatly speeds up combat and allows control of units without the micromanagement

* Persistent Heroes:Your hero improves after every battle, and the same hero can be used in campaign, skirmish or multiplayer.

* Enhanced Computer AI: The proprietary AI gives the player unparalleled and incredibly cunning opponents.

* Terrain: All new lush 3D rendered height-mapped terrain. Dozens of terrain and animation effects.

* Dynamic Campaign: Choose from almost 120 units and 10 sides to battle over the whole of Etheria with our new open-ended, dynamic, non-linear Campaign. Fight duels, fend off invasions, capture territory, and acquire powerful magical artifacts.

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