Viewtiful Joe 2

In Viewtiful Joe 2, players will reacquaint themselves with the cel-shaded, comic book movie realm and stunning signature gameplay elements that are synonymous only to Joe. Capcom?s quirkiest action superhero once again takes center stage in this engaging action brawler that has new moves, a playable heroine, and inventive character designs with gameplay that perpetuates more punch and style than its predecessor.

* More viewtiful 2D/3D hybrid action spanning more stages.

* New second playable character ? Now gamers can selectJoe?s girlfriend, Silvia, who not only struts around with her infamous pompoms but also wields a weapon that fires projectiles to fend off the fiendish foes that she encounters.

* Over 40 different types of enemies to obliterate!

* More diverse stages to explore – Viewtiful Joe 2 takes players through awe-inspiring detailed environments including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains and outer space.

* Six variations to the Six Machine – Now Joe?s trusty aircraft transforms into various shapes to support his activities throughout various stages such as a racer, cannon, drill or submarine.

* In addition to the infamous ?Slow,? ?Mach Speed,? and ?Zoom In? visual effects (VFX) powers, the action is even hotter this time around with the new ?Replay? VFX power. Replay a punch for three times the damage. Need to restore some health? Eat ahamburger and replay it so you get three times the effect! But beware, try not to use Replay when getting hit or take on three times the damage!

* Grab a hold of the enemy to swing and throw them around with vigor!



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