Unreal II: The Awakening

The return of the legend! Unreal II is the next step in the evolution of the Unreal series on PC. A story-driven epic, Unreal II uses advanced new technology to combine the magic of Unreal’s single-player game experience with the fast-paced multiplayer mayhem of Unreal Tournament. The result is a next-gen game that offers an intense and compelling playing experience.

*Uses an advanced, real-time dialog system for fluid communications with your ship?s crew and non-player characters.

* Enjoy incredibly lifelike graphics powered by the latest Unreal Engine technology from Epic, with extremely high polygon counts, skeletal animation, particle system modeling (for fire, smoke, cloth, breaking glass, hair, etc.) and more.

* Wield 15 weapons including Unreal favorites as well as brand-new instruments of mayhem.

* Battle more than 24 different enemies; the dreaded Skaarj returns from the original Unreal alongside various human and alien opponents.

* Get caught up in a unique and gripping plot that keeps you committed to finishing the game!

* Interact with cutting-edge AI that adds spellbinding realism to each mission.

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