Under The Skin

Under the Skin allows gamers to take the reigns of a mischievous alien named Cosmi who travels the galaxy on a training mission to pull pranks and initiate panic on the planet Earth. Transform into the personas of the individuals Cosmi meets in order to complete the tasks for returning home in this unique and interesting twist on the action genre.

* Diverse stages to cause mischief – Explore various environments on earth to unleash Cosmi?s havoc onto humans including KoKo Town, Pirate Land and Resident Evil Land.

* Use a special ray gun to help Cosmi pull pranks , absorb human personas and pull various type of high jinx including: Warping to a different location in order to escape panicked mobs, passing gas behind you, turning humans into giant bowling pins and send them flying by throwing giant bowling balls after them.

* Stylish cel-shaded graphics.

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