Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the sequel to the award-winning fun in the sun Carribbean simulation, Tropico. As a Pirate King, rule a secret pirate island full of despicable 17th century Sea Dogs. Fuel your economy by plundering wealthy merchants and taking prisoners back to the island as captive workers. Keep your scurvy buccaneers satisfied with rowdy gambling, jolly feasting, and barrels of rum! World powers fear you, brigands respect you, captives obey your every command, and don’t forget about the wenching!

* Create your supreme pirate haven through 16 episodes of swashbuckling storyline filled with lily-livered landlubbers, shady mates, and wisecracking parrots!

* Lure history?s most devious pirates (such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, and Black Bart) to your secret isle? these dreaded pirates enhance your power and expand your treasure!

* Pirates are people too! Possessing distinct personalities, your Sea Dogs require profitable employment, plentiful companionship, and the best in pirate accommodations.

* Reward your buccaneers with personal estates and watch them build their own booty-filled mansions.

* Increase your pirate stash with an innovative economic model ? the growth of your island hinges on the success of pirate raids against unsuspecting sea-goers!

* Improve your workforce by taking valuable prisoners on the high seas! Captives build your industries, craft your weapons, and can even be ransomed for money!

* Construct parrot aviaries to produce ideal pirate companions, assassinate unruly pirates before they stage a coup, and build massive pirate galleons to strike fear into harmless Caribbean merchants and traders.

* Issue edicts to rig your gambling halls, force your captives to walk the plank, or even instigate a war between dominant world powers!

* Customize your own victory conditions during Sandbox play ? create the ultimate in pirate entertainment, capture hundreds of wealthy sea goers, or become the richest pirate in history!

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