The Shield

The Shield is a third-person action video game capturing the look, feel and authenticity of one of the most talked about programs on television. Detective Vic Mackey and the Strike Team define a new form of policing. Join this Strike Team in The Shield for Xbox.

* Virtual ‘lost episode’ in cooperation with the show?s creators & writer.

* Perilous policing in a living recreation of Farmington (fictitious L.A. area), thwarting robberies, apprehending killers, intimidating informants and hunting down gangs.

* Exciting gameplay blends precision gunplay, hand-to-hand combat and stealth with police tactics never before seen in a video game.

* Employ questionable tactics such as brute force, bribes and planting incriminating evidence, but manage your ‘Heat’ level to keep Internal Affairs off your trail.

* Unique ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Adrenaline’ gauges.

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