Taz: Wanted

Go wild with Taz! Yosemite Sam has hatched a devious, cunning plan to turn the island of Tasmania into a cheesy theme park. There is only one obstacle between Sam and ultra richness- The Tasmanian Devil! So, Taz is soon captured and brought to the Sam Francisco Zoo… Taz, however, has broken out and must avoid Sam`s `Taz catchers` while destroying wanted posters along the way. Players must help Taz race, rumble, and spin his way through 4 different worlds and 20 destructible levels. To make matters worse, Taz must get back to Tasmania, in time to save his home!

* Spin, sneak, burp and bounce through more than 15 destructible levels.

* Chow down on power-ups like Hiccup Soda and Mega Hot Chili Peppers.

* Wear hilarious disguises to evade “Taz catchers”.

* Blistering speed, spectacular graphics, puzzles and fully interactive environments.

* Compete against friends in multiplayer games modes.

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