SuperPower 2

Like its predecessor, SuperPower 2 is a global geopolitical simulation game built around the following three aspects: politics, economics and the military. Players set their own objectives and try to achieve them within a set time. For example, a player might decide to balance resources, hunt rebels or conquer the world. The computer controls the other countries which have their own objectives. When objectives come into conflict or are similar, the player must manage these relationships and form alliances or go to war.

* Multiplayer – The first great innovation in SuperPower 2 is the inclusion of support for multiplayer games. With this option, several players can link up, on a local network or via the Internet, and play together. Each represents one entity and the EHE controls the rest.

* Mods – GolemLabs was inspired by the FPS modding community when making SuperPower 2. That’s why the game is entirely moddable! Tools will be released with the game or shortly after to allow everyone to play with the code and transform the game as they wish. Much more than just a superficial transformation, the most talented and dedicated modders out there will be able to create completely separate mods, set in a totally different worlds than the SP2 context.

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