Sudden Strike: Resource War

As the commander of German, British and American troops, you fight on water and on land as well as in the air. You can extend your actions through numerous specific commands in remarkable ways. The four different available difficulty levels and the challenging multiplayer mode are thrilling beyond their wildest dreams. The user-friendly editor allows for unlimited supplies of professionally generated maps and missions – ensuring the action never ends.

* Fight for Resources! Cut your enemy’s fuel supply lines to paralyze his war machinery

* 4 new campaigns with 16 missions

* 10 new multiplayer maps for up to 4 players

* 10 single-player missions

* Based on the Sudden Strike II Engine!

* Capture buildings to gain reinforcements!

* Captured buildings provide tactical advances like fresh tanks and soldiers

* Realistic lines of sight: Tanks and self-propelled guns (SPGs) have a realistically computed line of sight

* Never fight alone! Allied combat groups support your strategic goals

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