Star Wars Starfighter

Inspired by LucasArts? rich Star Wars flight-game legacy, Starfighter combines intense air and space combat in a fast-paced action/adventure. Follow the lives of three fighter pilots?Rhys Dallows, a cocky Naboo pilot-in-training; Nym, a space pirate with a Robin Hood heart; and Vana, a Naboo expatriate gun-for-hire?in a series of missions to save the galaxy from the evil Trade Federation. The extraordinary craft include the Naboo-N-I Starfighter and the Naboo Royal Starship, plus a variety of never-before-seen ships. Starfighter?s 3D realism is, in a word, magnificent.

* Fly 20 realistic and beautifully rendered 3D starships.

* Battle in 14 incredible environments set in air and space.

* Meet the three main fighter pilots and their craft through a series of intense flight exercises from each character’s point of view.

* Test your battle skills against more than 50 vehicles, including Trade Federation drop ships, battle tanks, droid starfighters and never before seen craft such as the deadly Protector, Scarab and Dagger.

* Star Wars Starfighter combines groundbreaking technology, cutting-edge graphics and a compelling narrative, with LucasArts’ well-known expertise in the flight simulation genre.

* The game’s proprietary 3D engine is capable of rendering truly breathtaking environments, and unprecedented vehicle detail, providing players with an incredible sense of realism.

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