Star Trek: Shattered Universe

All hands to battle stations! Get ready for a frenetic, adrenaline pumping experience in an entirely new breed of Star Trek game – Star Trek Shattered Universe. An intense, edgy, high-energy space-combat action game set in the dark mirror universe of Star Trek: The Original Series classic-era setting, Star Trek Shattered Universe challenges the player to adapt to a new reality where everything once familiar is now a dark reflection – where the noble Federation is now an evil and relentless foe.

* Experience high-intensity space combat in the twisted, “mirror” universe of Star Trek.

* Engage enemies across 19 levels of incredible action in the first-ever classic Star Trek Shooter.

* Pilot 10 unique, never-before-seen fighters into battle with awesome special effects and incredibly detailed environments.

* Encounter legendary characters from the original television series

* Form alliances with former enemies to obtain new fighters and ship upgrades

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