Space Colony

Taking your team of starry-eyed misfits with you, you must search out and colonize some of the galaxies’ most inhospitable planets. Starting from scratch, your colony will need to quickly grow from a simple life-supporting pod into a sprawling meteoric metropolis. As difficult as this can be, life in the colony isn’t just about surviving, it’s about big. Whether that’s capturing the locals to create an alien zoo to attract tourists, mining the planet’s core for materials, or defending your settlement against alien attack ? whatever it takes, responsibility for the colony’s survival rests squarely with you.

* Manage your space community – Over 20 unique personalities. They brawl, argue, get depressed, go crazy and fall in love.

* Contend with 20+ alien species – They hunt, socialize and get on with their weird and varied daily lives. But be ready to allocate power to your force fields as they may turn their eyes on you!

* Choose your priorities – Use the many robots and androids at your disposal to establish profitable extraction industries and hi-tech factories… so you can spend more time at the slot machines.

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