Snake comes to the PSP

Until a press conference in late January, much of Metal Gear ACID remained a mystery, despite its release in Japan. However, at the Konami press conference in late January, a playable translation was offered to the attendees. From that, many of the gameplay details have been spread, and though this game brings great change to the Metal Gear series, it appears that it will push the PSP to its limits, and still be able to settle the hunger in the Metal Gear fan’s stomach.

Unlike Metal Gear Solid 3, MGA takes place a few years after the events of MGS2. However, at present it seems those who were hoping for a direct sequel will be disappointed, as there has been no mention about the ever-so-evil Patriots. In this installation, a jumbo jet carrying a presidential hopeful, Senator Hach, was hijacked by a band of terrorists and is flying too high to attempt any form of rescue. The terrorists are demanding the US government to hand over something called “Pythagoras,” which is said to be located in the remote African island of Lobito, a part of Molloni. The Molloni government is reluctant to give up Pythagoras to America, claiming that such an action would be in violation of their policies of neutrality. In an attempt to take Pythagoras by force, the government sends in an HRT, but it is quickly intercepted and destroyed. As a last resort, everyone’s favorite hero, Solid Snake, is sent in to retrieve it, and is (as always) the world’s only hope.

While Snake is working in the same “infiltrate the fortress, save the hostages and kill the terrorists” scenario, his new method of combat is as revolutionary as a front-loading console (good in some ways, bad in others). Now, Snake must build a deck of cards in order to save the universe. That’s right

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