Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life is the simulation of the exciting relationship between Mike and Linda. The game shows them in their shared flat, which means that everyday routines are focused as well: Cooking, watching TV and cleaning are as important as talks and a cuddle. And of course the two have to work for a living as well ? Enjoy playing Cupid.

* Free selection of environment, furniture, profession and many more features

* Skill system enables individual development paths

* Variety of 12 male and female characters

* State of the art 3D engine for attractive and detailed characters

* Detailed high-poly models ? up to 30,000 polygons

* True-to-life display of the human body

* Realistic facial expressions (more than 36 deformers for faces)

* Dynamic shadows in a True3D world

* Romantic-erotic situations.

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