Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Red Mercury – It?s the world?s newest nightmare: A compact thermonuclear weapon, or ?backpack nuke,? that can be smuggled virtually anywhere. As a special Shadow Ops operative, track an underground terrorist group, intent on unleashing this nightmare on the world. From crowded Middle Eastern streets to the jungles of the Congo and beyond, the chase has begun. An intense first person shooter of incredible authenticity, intensity and powerhouse sound, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury is the perfect blend of heart pounding interactivity and masterful Hollywood production value.

* The most realistic, immersive, shell-shocked battlefield experience ever!

* Full multiplayer experience with split-screen and Xbox Live support (modes include: plant the bomb, VIP escort, capture the flag and more)

* Mix all-out assault with stealth infiltration in your mission to prevent disaster

* Incredible plot that sees YOU on the trail of lethal terrorists

* Join forces with other elite fighting units from the USA and Europe

* Makes use of enhanced Unreal? engine technology for unparalleled graphical realism

* Places and sounds modeled on real-world locations for total immersion

* Hollywood production values ? music, sound and scanning technology as used by the biggest blockbusters

* Motion capture moves provided by ex-Special Forces operatives.

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