Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations carries the sweeping scope of epic historical turn-based strategy games, but gives the quick decision-making of real-time games such as Age of Empires. The game brings to life the entire sweep of human culture, from the late Stone Age to modern-day technology – not just in warfare, but in city building, trade, and diplomacy. You can move through the game timeline quickly and have a satisfying game experience without playing for hours!

* Cross genre gameplay ? Real time strategy games give you the thrill of racing against time; turn-based strategy games give you the depth of centuries of history. Rise of Nations gives you both. The mysteries of ancient philosophy and the Wonders of the world are at your disposal in your campaign to dominate the world.

* Zooming scale – Track the progress of enormous campaigns or isolated skirmishes; monitor individual camps and workers or survey sprawling territories. You change the view of the game to stay abreast of everything under your command. As your nation grows, national borders stay clearly defined so you can focus on nation building.

* Streamlined Fast Paced Multiplayer – Challenge other players on the Internet or over a LAN. Gather up to 8 players per game. In-game matchmaking lets you pick up games online against others waiting for foes.

* Research more than 50 different technologies- Accrue Knowledge and gain the advantages of new technologies through 8 defined epochs of history.

* Lead one of 18 Historical Nations – Each of the 18 Nations boasts special units unique to them, and each nation benefits from particular attributes that give them distinct advantages in battle or another aspect of the game. Nations include Aztec, Bantu, British, Chinese, Eqyptians, French, German, Greek, Incans, Japanese, Koreans, Mayan, Mongols, Nubians, Romans, Russians, Spanish and Turks, and all change distinctively through the passage of time.

* Conquer the World Campaign – This unique single player campaign lets you take over the world one territory at a time. Victory in each territory gives you tribute, special resources, or bonus powers to attack a strong enemy.

* 32 Rare Resources ? Gather rare resources to earn extra bonuses. Rare resources include: Salt, Amber, Sulpher, Coal, Whales, Dye, Diamonds, Sugar and Uranium.

* Never depleting resources ? The basic resources in the game (Food, Timber, Metal and Oil) never deplete once you accumulate them.

* Smart Citizens ? No need to micro-manage your citizens. If citizens are idle for a few seconds they will automatically start collecting resources and / or help build buildings. If you like to micro-manage your citizens, simply turn off this option.

* Learn to play – 6 tutorials for beginning to experienced strategy gamers allow you to learn at whichever speed is most appropriate.

* In-depth game features – National Borders, Flank Attacks, Generals, Spies and much more create a truly strategic game experience.

* Multiple victory conditions ? Brute force can and does bring you total victory, but you can choose how you want to take over the world by setting victory conditions to your liking. Make raw power the only condition for success, or choose another strategy like espionage, diplomacy, technology races, territory expansion, or others. You can also set multiple conditions simultaneously and defeat opponents using strategies completely different from your own.

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