Prisoner Of War

Prisoner of War captures the intrigue, danger and heroism of Allied escape attempts from prisoner of war camps during World War II, including Colditz – the Germans highest security ‘escape-proof’ camp. Gameplay delivers a tense third-person stealth adventure game where bravery, stealth and cunning will win the day.

* In POW there are many ways to outsmart the enemy and escape, but beware – failure could change the course of history.

* Encounter edge-of-your-seat tension – guards are everywhere;can you find the holes in their security and break out to freedom?

* Help or hindrance? Interact with 32 NPC friends, comrades and enemies.

* A totally immersive and realistic experience as incredible artificial life technology governs the behavior of every person in the camp.

* Rich, tense soundtrack as environmental algorithms dynamically perform seamless movie-style music that adjusts according to your situation.

* Multiple POW prison camps including a complete and compelling recreation of the unbreachable Colditz Castle itself.

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